Attic Systems is a part of Contractor Nation, the largest network of home improvement specialty contractors in North America. Attic Systems contractors are focused on delivering comfort and energy savings solutions to homeowners. Attic System dealers market, sell and install attic and duct air sealing and insulation work to fix and/or enhance the thermal and pressure boundary at the attic floor in homes suffering comfort and energy wasting issues.

Attic Systems is an insulation business opportunity for contractors already doing work in or related to attics. Attic Systems contractors will offer additional services to generate revenue from their existing customer base and market these services to new customers. By using our proven marketing, sales and installation systems, Attic System dealers can upsell additional attic and duct air sealing and insulation services on sales and service calls on their existing sales calls, as well as new customers.

Attic Systems dealers will receive sales and production training at Energy City, located at Dr. Energy Saver headquarters in Seymour, CT. Sales software designed to facilitate the sales process will be available. Dealers will use 30+ proprietary Book of Solutions brochures that detail the work to be sold and installed.

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Home Improvement Contractors

Contractor Nation is the umbrella organization for the most successful and largest networks of specialty home improvement contractors in North America. Founded by Larry Janesky in 1987, Contractor Nation has grown to a $100 million+ business employing over 350 people at our 9 - building, 55 acre campus in Seymour, CT.

Contractor Nation networks include: Basement Systems, Inc., a global leader in basement waterproofing; CleanSpace, an innovator in the crawl space encapsulation industry; Dr. Energy Saver, the leading network of home performance contractors; Total Basement Finishing, providing 100% mold-free finished basements; Attic Systems and National Radon Defense. Contractor Nation supports over 600 specialty contractors in the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom; providing training, marketing, website management and access to over 30 patented products.

The drive to build successful contracting businesses never stops at Contractor Nation and its subsidiary companies. Larry and his team have shown hundreds of contractors how they can grow their top and bottom lines, have less problems, and use their businesses to accomplish their personal goals and live an extraordinary life. When you partner with Contractor Nation, you get the benefit of over 30 years of innovation and success in specialty contracting.

Contractor Nation

Contractor Nation is a national network of home improvement contractors providing a wide range of services, including roof repair and replacement, siding installation, bathroom and kitchen remodeling, fencing, replacement windows and doors, gutter installation, and more. Our expert home improvement contractors have solutions for any size home improvement project and will help you keep your home looking and functioning its best.

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Dr. Energy Saver

Dr. Energy Saver provides complete home energy and comfort services, including insulation, air sealing, HVAC, and home energy audits. If you're tired of dealing with uncomfortable rooms and rising utility bills, Dr. Energy Saver can help!

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Basement Systems

Basement Systems is the largest network of basement waterproofing contractors in North America, providing expert solutions for damp, leaky basements. With a complete line of patented products including sump pumps, dehumidifiers, and draingage systems, Basement Systems will keep your basement dry all the time!

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Damp, moldy crawl spaces are a common source of health and energy issues in homes everywhere. CleanSpace provides complete crawl space encapsulation and repair services, including sump pumps, drainage, vapor barriers, insulation, and crawl space support posts. CleanSpace can give you a clean, dry, and healthy crawl space in your home!

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National Radon Defense

Radon is a naturally occurring gas that is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States, but National Radon Defense is here to help keep your home protected. National Radon Defense provides complete radon testing and mitigation services, ensuring that your home is kept radon free.

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Total Basement Finishing

If you want to create a beautiful finished space in your basement, Total Basement Finishing is exactly what you need! This innovative system is made from completely inorganic products and is resistant to water and mold damage, ensuring your finished space lasts a lifetime. Our system will give you a custom finished basement that gives you the perfect space for your home!

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School of Entrepreneurship

The Contractor Nation Online School of Entrepreneurship includes complete, easy to understand and easy to implement educational programs and processes that your team will use to achieve extraordinary results with home owners. You don't just get training for you - you get education programs, especially to include step by step training videos for your whole team.

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Contractor Nation History

The Story of Contractor Nation is a living story that encompasses the American Dream that started with Larry Janesky in 1987. In 1990, within three years of starting Basement Systems, Larry started his first dealer network by recruiting other waterproofing companies to purchase his patented Basement Systems products and providing them with business and sales training.

Larry's vision is a world where contractors deliver consistently positive results for their customers, employees, and shareholders. The Contactor Nation mission is to be a company that contractors love by equipping our dealers for even greater success. Larry and his team's goals are to make his dealers the most successful in their market place by providing excellent products, comprehensive customer service, sales training, production training, internet marketing, leadership development, and management training.

Here in CT, Larry owns and operates a $25 million dollar contracting business that markets, sells, and installs the products and services for all of these dealer networks. We test and prove the value of all our marketing strategies, sales processes, and products before we ask our dealers to implement the strategies in their local markets.

We understand what the critical ingredients are to make a specialty home improvement business become highly profitable. Contractor Nation has grown to an award winning $120 million-dollar enterprise, with over 600 dealers in 6 countries, and we have big plans for the future!

If you feel your company would be a good fit with our growing network, and would benefit from our proven business tools, training, and support; contact us today to learn more about the dealer opportunities here at Contractor Nation and Attic Systems.


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