Once you generate a lead for your services, you need to book as many of these leads into appointments for your sales team.

As a dealer, you will have access to a comprehensive appointment center system that will train your call center team how to book these leads into valuable sales calls. Complete training for your team and call center managers on how to use our proven system for booking appointment is provided. Even scripts for following up on canceled calls and unsold proposal are included. You can record your own or use our pre-recorded "on-hold" messages crated by our Eye Star Station team.

While we all have sales superstars, you will need a sales systems that will produce extraordinary results from ordinary salespeople. We have developed a sales system based on a process used by 100"s of contractors across North America that generates over $500 million of in-home sales annually. It is customer focused, question based and absolutely not a high-pressure sales program. It is easy to teach and easy to learn.

The Attic Systems process is fully documented, including scripts, methods, tools and support materials you willneed to quickly develop successful sales people. We hold live Sales Boot Camps at "Energy City," our world class, 40,000 square foot training facility several times a year, but you and your staff will have access to a wealth of audio and video trainings - which you can use in your own local sales and production meetings.

The sales process incorporates our "Book of Solutions", detailing over 30 problem building assemblies that cause comfort and energy wasting issues for homeowners, and the solutions you sell and install to fix leaky attic floors and duct systems.

Our award-winning sales software program, called AtticPro, is developed, updated and supported by our own in-house software experts. It will help your sales people stay on track with our sales system, and lead to more homeowners buying your attic air sealing and insulation, and duct sealing and insulation services. Unlimited access to the software and on-going upgrades are included in your dealership.

Overcoming objections is often the most challenging aspect of in home sales for your sales team members. We carefully crafted our "Closing Trail," a no-pressure, question based sales techniques to turn your good sales people into great closers.

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