Attic Systems contractors are trained to identify, sell and install solutions to fix homeowner comfort and health problems, correctly. We have the marketing tools, sales process and install systems to get you up and running quickly and profitably, and the on-going support and training to keep you growing.

Our model is simple yet powerful: We're committed to your success because we don't benefit until you're successful. Here is a summary of the different programs and support you receive as an Attic Systems dealer:

Sales Training

We have developed a sales system based on a process used by 100's of contractors across North America that generates over $500 million of in-home sales annually. The sales system is fully documented, including scripts, methods, tools and support materials you will need to quickly develop successful sales people. We also have a carefully crafted "Closing Trail," a no-pressure, question based sales techniques to turn your good sales people into great closers.

sales training for insulation franchise

We hold live Sales Boot Camps at "Energy City" several times a year, but you and your staff will have access to a wealth of audio and video trainings - which you can use in your own local sales and production meetings.

product training of insulation equipment

Production Training

"Energy City" is our 40,000-square foot home performance and attic insulation training center, located at Dr. Energy Saver headquarters in CT. Energy City is the largest facility in the world dedicated to training your production teams on how to install attic air sealing, insulation retrofits, and insulation equipment. You will receive hands-on production training for the primary products you will be selling and installing.

Book of Solutions

The sales process incorporates our "Book of Solutions," detailing over 30 problem building assemblies that cause comfort and energy wasting issues for home owners, and the solutions you sell and install to fix leaky attic floors and duct systems. These detailed descriptions cover virtually all the problems that you and your team will encounter in an attic. The Book of Solutions separates you from your competitors. Plus, you can use this document to train your sales and production teams, and get them on the same page.

resource document for attic installation services
sales software for sales people

Award-Winning Sales Software

Our software program, called AtticPro, was developed and supported by our own in-house software experts. It will help your sales people stay on track with our sales system, leading to more homeowners buying your attic air sealing, duct sealing, and insulation services. Unlimited access to AtticPro is covered by your monthly dealer fee.

Online Training

You will have unlimited access to our 24/7 online training library. Materials include sales, production, marketing, management training and more! All of these systems, programs and tools have been tested and proven in our local, $25 million home improvement contracting business here in CT.

online training to sales and marketing
marketing strategy for insulation business opportunity


The centerpiece of our marketing system is the Fish On! marketing program for contractors, developed over 30 years by Larry Janesky and his marketing team at Contractor Nation. Our dealers receive world-class marketing strategies that have been proven to generate leads, along with the training and support to execute these strategies in their local areas. Fish On! is all about generating you the maximum quantity of qualified leads for your Attic Systems business. We assume that our dealers want to get ALL the business, so if a homeowner is shopping for insulation services, then you need to be one of the contractors they speak with. You'll also get powerful marketing budgeting and planning tools, along with access to an in-house graphic design team for your vehicle wraps, print media, yard signs and more...

Audio/Video Production

The Eye Star Station is a team of dedicated, highly-skilled video production and editing professionals. Using state-of-the-art recording and studio facilities, the Eye Star Station staff creates and delivers TV ads, radio commercials and video for our dealers' off line and internet marketing efforts, all at no additional cost!

audio and video production services
appointment making service

6 Roles of the Appointment Center

Your ability to convert leads into firm sales appointments is critical to your success. Our "6 Roles" program will turn your call center team into an appointment booking machine. This program is proven to convert a higher percentage of your costly leads into opportunities for your sales team to get in front of homeowners, and make more sales!

Exclusive Products

Access to exclusive, private-labeled products and insulation equipment that provides major marketing and sales advantages compared to your competition. Our "ProductPro" videos are in our on-line training library. Use them to train your sales and production teams, reinforcing how these products fix the comfort and money wasting problems your customers are facing.

patented insulation equipment
financing opportunities

Morehouse Financing by Enerbank Dealers are automatically eligible for our exclusive consumer finance program and can offer a comprehensive array of financing options to help close more sales.

Management Training and Development Program

We have training programs for all the functions of your business, including a 2-day training program to teach your functional managers how to get the most out of their teams.

Other training programs available to you as an Attic Systems at no additional cost include:

training programs for insulation business opportunity

Ready, Aim, Hire! A complete recruiting and hiring program, including job postings, position descriptions and interview guidelines, for every position in your contracting business.

Ready, Aim, Retain! A "How To" guide on building a culture for retaining your best employees, making sure they keep working for you and giving you their all.

Wow Service Program Designed to teach your entire team how to give consistently great service to all your customers (internal and external) in every element of your work.

MyLeadTracking Software Learn how to lower the risk associated with your off-line marketing and advertising tactics, using our innovative MyLeadTracking software. Instead of paying for newspaper space or radio and TV time, we'll show you how to use MyLeadTracking to pay only for the leads you receive from these media outlets.

Dealer Success Team Our Dealer Success Team is dedicated to equipping you and your team for even greater success. Our team of building science, management and sales experts will be available to you to help you work through all the issues you will encounter as you execute the Attic Systems program in your business - all included in your dealer fee.